Mighty protector of israel!

When my sword i can no longer wilt// And the war against me doth tilt// And into my mind the devil speaks guilt// But i know a refuge for me he built// Chorus He is mine// Oh the mighty protector of israel// He is mine// I worship him// When i look at the wisest sages// […]

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Dear eve

I dont think im being a little bit naive or they may say im just too young to live but i invited you in and im sure i dont want you to leave! You laugh! Yes you laugh because you are never sure of what i have up my sleeve but i mean im looking […]

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Dear Dad;

Hey dad…hope this finds you well…Remember when you said to me the darkest hour is just before dawn?? I totally believe you dad….i really do….And yes mum told me everything but remember dad ..nothing you do will ever make me love you any less. I love you dad from the bottom of my heart….and yes […]

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Dear Lord! In the beginning waa the word and the word was with you and the word was you! How awesome right? How awesome that now i realize that you have exalted your word above your name! How awesome to realize that you have exalted you above your name so so are youre word dad […]


Hi guys ndo huyu mimi tena with mixed feelings of anguish pain and dissapointment and dissapointment because mtadhani its not my bussiness but dissapointment pia juu i am not supposed to be talking about this anyway if only you were taking english lit and had just concentrated on both words and not lit yes naongelea […]

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You were not among the first but loving you was a must though i did not pray and fast but i let go of my past. You are so precious to me i have done every single thing and i have removed the lust and i have let go of the thirst and you dont […]

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Bless you mum

Many people wanted to see me succeed but not many wanted me to exceed but you always went down on your knees even when the results i brought looked like peas thats why i wrote these words to sting like bees but to make you honey. You rose above dads mistakes and for us you […]

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